Born in 1970





Columbia University, New York NY.  MFA,­­­­ 2003

Pratt Institute, Brooklyn NY.  BFA, Art & Design Education, 1996






2012                       The Hermitage Artist Retreat, Englewood, FL


2011                       William H. Johnson  Award Finalist


2011-13                The Hermitage Artist Retreat,  Englewood, FL


2010                       The Fountainhead Residency, Miami FL


2009                       Louis Comfort Tiffany Award, New York NY


2003 ? 2004      The Space Program, New York NY

Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation


2001 ? 2003      Agnes Martin Fellowship


2002                       Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture, Skowhegan ME







2015      « The Holdout: A Social Sculpture with Curated Radio Station », Aljira, A Center for           Contemporary Art, Newark NJ (12/02 ? 25/04)


2014     « LIVE and IN COLOUR », Jack Tilton Gallery, New York, NY (10/09 ? 18/10)

                  « Borough», Derrick Adams, Rhona Hoffman gallery , Chicago, ILL   


2013      Louis B. James, New York NY, ?In The Company Of Others? 

              80WSE Gallery, New York NY, ?DISPLAY: Cloaked In The Proprieties Of The Culture game?

              Galerie Anne de Villepoix, Paris,« Becoming one with your environment »


2012      Jack Tilton Gallery, New York, ?Deconstruction Worker?

General Audience, Miami, « Architectural archetypes »

             The Hermitage Artist Retreat, Englewood, FL

             The Channel, performance, BAM Next Wave Festival, Brooklyn Academy of Music,

             Brooklyn NY

             Hillman U. -A Dream Deferred, A Dream Fulfilled, Proposition Gallery, New York NY

             Architectural Archetypes, General Audience Presents, Miami FL





             The World According to Derrick, Mills Gallery, Boston Center for the Arts, curated by            

             Nuit Banai, Boston MA

             Communicating with Shadows, performance. Organized by Thomas Lax. Studio                       

             Museum in Harlem, New York NY

             Man As His Element, Colburn Gallery, University of Vermont, Burlington VT

Deconstruction Worker, Jack Tilton Gallery, New York NY


2010      The Kitchen, New York NY, Go Stand Next to the Mountain?

Collette Blanchard Gallery, New York NY, ?Welcome to Monument City?


2009      Collette Blanchard Gallery, NADA, Miami Beach FL, ?Introduction to Bizarro Wiz?

(Installation and performance at Le Jardin Theatre, Deauville Beach Resort)


2006      Momenta Arts, Brooklyn NY, ?Sometimes I Just Don?t Feel Like Myself?



2005      Participant Inc, New York NY

?Anew? (PERFORMA ?05 performance biennial)

Marvelli Gallery, New York NY

?I'm Sorry, I'm Lost?

Participant Inc, New York NY

?I'm Smoke; You?re Mirror?


2004     Triple Candie (Project Space), New York NY

?Me and My Imaginary Friends?


2003      Jack Tilton Gallery, New York NY

?The Big Getaway?






2014      « Black Eye », curator : Nicola Vassel, TriBeCa, New York


2013      « The Shadows took Shape » , Studio Museum Harlem, New York,

                  QF Gallery, East Hampton NY

                  ?Tete-a-Tete? The James E. Lewis Museum of Art, Baltimore MD

             « Reloading the Canon: African Traditions in Contemporary Art », Brown Foundation gallery,            Houston,

              ?Radical presence : Black performance in contemporary art »


2012      Contemporary Wing, Washington DC

                  « Next generation », Rhona Hoffman gallery, Chicago

                  « Tete à tete « , curated by Mickalene Thomas, Pratt Manhattan gallery, New York, NY

                  « Pratt Alumni Painters », curated by Nick Battis, Maupin gallery, New York, NY

                  « Summer group show », curated by Carla Camacho , Drew Moody, Yancey Richardson                   gallery, New York, NY

             « Tete a tete » Dodge gallery, New York NY



2011      Studio Museum in Harlem

?Bearden Project?


2010      Sue Scott Gallery, New York NY

?Lush Life: Chapter One: Whistle?



(Curated by Franklin Evans and Omar Lopez-Chahoud)

Higher Pictures, New York NY

50 Artists Photograph the Future?


2009      BRIC Arts, Brooklyn NY

?Revelatory Tension?

Studio Museum in Harlem, New York NY

?Harlem Postcards?


2008      Nathan Cummings Foundation, New York NY

?1968: Then and Now?

Curator: Deborah Willis

Ingalls & Associates, Miami FL

?Casa de Carton?

Curator: William Cordova


2007      Derrick Eller Gallery, New York NY

?Neo Integrity?

Curator: Keith Mayerson

Steve Turner Contemporary, Los Angeles CA

?Dream of Today?

Curator: Amy Smith-Stewart

University of Arkansas at Little Rock

?Taking Possession?

Memphis College of Art, Memphis TN                      

?Reasons to Riot?


2006      Taxter & Spengemann, New York NY

?Invade My Dreams?

Curator: Kalup Linzy


MoCADA, Brooklyn NY

Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Art)                                 

?The Pulse of New Brooklyn?


2005      Alona Kagan Gallery, New York NY

?If You?re Feeling Sinister?

P.S.1 MoMA, NY

?Greater New York 2005?

Tilton Gallery, New York NY

?Jack Tilton Inaugural Exhibition?




2004      Wall Street Rising / Deutsche Bank, New York NY

?Art Downtown: Connecting Collections?

Florida Atlantic University Gallery, Boca Raton FL

?Me, Myself & I?                                                                       

(Renee Riccardo & Paul Laster, Curator)

Sampson Projects, Boston MA

?Notorious Impropriety?

Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn NY

?Open House: Working in Brooklyn?


2003      Contemporary Art Centre, Vilnius, Lithuania

?24/7: Wilno ? Nueva York (Visa Para)?

Nathan Cummings Foundation, New York NY



?Confrontation or Commentary?

Roebling Hall ? Satellite, New York NY

?Summer Jam?

(Franklin Sirmans, Curator

Lisa Kirk Projects, New York NY?You?

Massimo Audiello, New York NY

?Adams, Cerrillo, Perkins? 

  Studio Museum in Harlem, New York NY

?Veni Vidi Video?

Centenary Gallery, Camberwell College of Arts, London, UK

?Urbanites: New York, London, Tokyo?


2002      Triple Candie, New York NY                           


L. C. Bates Museum, Hinckley ME